Commercial Photography

Our commercial photography includes experience in the following:

Head shots this is getting more and more important because of our need to impress on social media platforms. Individuals need head shots for Facebook, linkedIn, Twitter and even for dating sites anywhere they wish to promote themselves for employment or new relationships. 
We offer individual head shot sessions at your premises or on location. 
We can cover head shots at company premises shooting large numbers of individuals.
Our aim is to provide top quality head shots that also show the personality of each individual. 
I maybe shooting your head but I'm aiming for your heart (Peter Hurley)         

Business and their People, we are trying to tell a story about your business delivering a positive impression using your environment and the people that make your business work. 

We aim to provide high quality photographs to be used on your company website and brochures to help attract new business and future employees.   

Building photography both domestic and commercial business properties.  Working for large and small estate agents. We have photographed literally hundreds of commercial and domestic properties. At one stage we were taking photographs of 200  commercial properties a month for over a year and a half.
We have excellent editing skills ensuring straight lines and no converging verticals.  

Events Photography  we cover anything from a corporate occasion, awards presentations or even a local event including the general public. 

Our Promise to you

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